Copy Trade

Terms & Condition

FXMade Agreement

1. Copiers need to be aware of the following risks:

a. Copy trading users may not be able to copy trades during maintenance necessitated by unstable services provided by the network operator or third-party partners, excessive system load, and other reasons.

b. Copy trading activities may not be executed simultaneously or even at all, due to time-delayed execution of system instructions, delays in the trading signal from external platforms or other network issues.

c. The opening price, closing price and PnL ratios of copiers may differ as a result of objective factors such as changes in the market and insufficient market depth. Differences will be more significant under more extreme market conditions.

d. The opening price, closing price and PnL ratios of traders may differ from copiers as a result of changes in the market and insufficient market depth restrictions. Differences will be more significant under extreme market conditions.

e. When you use FxMade, you may have a different position ratio and order amount from the trader due to unstable service provided by FxMade such as a delay or loss in the trading signal. When traders are using pair trading, grid trading, the Martingale strategy or other strategies that require positions to be strictly aligned, copiers may be unable to copy successfully causing losses.

f. When using FxMade, due to the differences in liquidation rules of different Exchanges, forced liquidation of your orders may be triggered earlier than the trader when there is a significant loss of position.

g. When the TP/SL is set and triggered, due to factors such as an unstable network, insufficient market depth, and unstable external service signal, the actual trigger price might be different from the preset value and there is no guarantee that the closing price or PnL ratio of your order is as same as the preset value.

h. There may be a risk of loss when copying the orders of traders. In the case of improper risk control, you may lose all of your balance.

i. Before using the Service to copy orders, you should be aware that FxMade only provides the copying service of the trading signal, and sends the trading instruction as synchronized with the trader to the market under your authorization to deal with the market counterparty. Limited by factors such as changes in market conditions, changes in market depth, and time-delayed execution of system instructions, there is no guarantee that the copied orders will have the same opening (closing) price, opening (closing) time, and profit/loss (profit/loss ratio). The loss incurred thereby is solely at your risk.

j. Trading strategies belong to the trader's intellectual property rights. In order to protect traders' rights and interests and to maintain a fair community environment for all traders, the platform may hide some or all of the key information and features of your copy trades.

k. Traders may be removed due to violations, delisting and other reasons which will end the copy trading relationship. To protect the assets of copiers, the system will automatically cancel all copy trades after the relationship ends.

2. Copiers agree that the platform has the right to adjust the Copy Trading community rules in accordance with the development direction of the community, including but not limited to:

The users including copiers and traders of the FxMade service must read the FxMade Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") carefully before accepting the Agreement. By continuing to access or use the copy trading service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"), you consent to bear all the risks and the loss incurred as provided in the Agreement. Please do not continue to access or use the Service if you do not accept the Agreement.

Basic Copy Trading Agreement


User's Rights and Obligations

a. You (copiers) must be natural or legal persons who can fully assume legal responsibility.

b. You shall be responsible for the personal data (including documents and other relevant information) provided to the platform and ensure the data's authenticity and reliability, which will be strictly verified and evaluated by FxMade . You will be restricted from trading on the platform if the personal information provided is insufficient or fails to pass the review.

c. You shall not submit others' information (such as name, ID number, phone number, or email address) and you will be restricted by the platform from accessing or using its products and services if the information you provide is inaccurate, illegal or invalid.

d. If you want to change your personal information or the account type, you can apply to the platform's online support by submitting a work order, and the platform will process it after reviewing. You are advised to inform the platform of such change in a timely manner, otherwise, you shall solely bear any loss incurred thereby. In order to keep your personal information updated and accurate, you can request the platform to correct or delete the information you consider incorrect.

e. You shall be responsible for the custody of your account ID and passwords, and assume legal responsibility for any trading activities in your account.

f. You need to read the relevant terms carefully on the platform's official website, understand the applicable laws and regulations, and bear all the risks incurred by your trading or copy trading activities. The platform does not provide any specific investment advice and does not express any relevant opinions.

g. You must comply with the relevant laws and regulations when posting information on the platform and using the Service. You must not maliciously publish or spread harmful information against laws and social ethics, including text, pictures, audio, video, etc, nor can you publish any defamatory and harmful comments that damage the reputation of the platform.

h. You should check your account information regularly and report to the platform in time if there is an error. If such an error is not reported to the platform within 72 hours after the trading instruction is executed, you shall bear any losses and damages incurred thereby.


The Platform's Rights and Obligations

a. The platform has the right to use the information you publish on the platform (such as text, pictures, etc., excluding ID cards, bank cards, and personal and private information) for other legal purposes, such as copying, modifying, adapting, translating, promoting, and analysis.

b. All graphic information on the platform is for the purpose of disseminating useful information to the masses and does not mean that the platform agrees with its message.

c. The platform will not provide or express any advice or opinions on investment. You need to exercise independent thinking and trading.

d. To safeguard the interests and rights of both parties, the platform has the right to evaluate your expertise, experience and adaptability based on the information you provide. The platform will reject information that is unreliable or inaccurate.

e. The platform will not bear any loss incurred by any unauthorized disclosure of the trading data or related information to the platform by any natural or legal persons.


Effectiveness, Amendment and Termination of the Agreement

a. The Agreement shall take effect upon users becoming a copier or a trader on the platform until the termination of this Agreement or breach of contract. Either party can terminate this Agreement at any time. Users need to issue a notice in writing or by mail in advance to terminate the Agreement. The platform will notify you in writing or by email within 7 working days after the receipt of the notice to confirm the termination of the Agreement.

b. The platform reserves the right to modify the relevant terms and the final interpretation of the Agreement in order to safeguard its legal rights and interests and improve the Agreement. The platform will issue a notice on the website (or via email and other messaging channels) before modifying the terms of this Agreement. Users are advised to keep updated with these amendments while using or accessing the Service, and abide by the Agreement and related service agreements. The Agreement shall still be effective regardless of any modification made by the platform of any trading conditions and execution rules.